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If you think the PC gets a bit louder than before, mostly likely your CPU is over heating because the cooler system is not working properly.

I had experiences of reducing the noise with two of my PCs.
The solution I did for the older PC was two years ago, the noise was due to the thermal grease between CPU and cooler fan. I didn’t have any thermal grease on hand at that time. After researching on the alternative solutions, I came up with man-made thermal grease. Simple recipe, just mixing normal toothpaste plus Vaseline. The ratio is about 80% toothpaste to 20% Vaseline.
This really helped me, and my PC at the moment is still working nicely without any problem for the last two years.

Recently, I found my newer PC generates much more noise than before. I was wondering whether the CPU temperature was too high, therefore I found it out by using a tool called SpeedFan. My dual core CPU temperature reading was 70C. It should be around 40C to 50C if it is not working heavily so I thought I may have a cpu bottleneck issue on my hands at first. Perhaps the humid weather and the temperature in my study room. Eventually, I figured out two reasons of the noise. First, Too much dust on the fan itself. Second, again the thermal grease isn’t good enough any more. This time, I bought real thermal grease instead of the man-made one. It costs around 10 USD. See the pictures below while working in progress.

Clean up the old thermal grease with a brush carefully. Don’t mix existing thermal grease with the new one, they may not work together.
Also make sure keep rubbish away from CPU’s sensitive surface on the other side of the CPU.

Apply the thermal grease on the center of the CPU. It doesn’t need much, otherwise it degrades the performance of transferring the heat to the cooler. Don’t worry if the thermal grease doesn’t cover the whole surface. As long as it on the center of the CPU, later the pressure while your installing the cooler back onto the CPU will uniform it properly.

After powering up the computer, I found it is much quieter and the readings from SpeedFun showed the temperature is reduced as well.

However, the temperature is still a bit high, it must be something to do with my room temperature and the location of the machine. It is right under my desk and sit side by side with my older PC on the carpet. I might need to move it to a spacious place with more airflow. Anyway, the solutions mentioned above worked for me. Nice and quiet.

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