SHFB task could not be loaded from the assembly(SHFBROOT PATH)

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Sandcastle Help File Builder is used for generating the .NET documentations. Today when I try to install it on windows 2003 server, I got error saying it couldn’t load the assembly from file:///c:\SandcastleBuilder.Utils.dll
Obviously, the application has got a wrong path to load resources from.

After looking into various config files, I realised it uses variable $(SHFBROOT) to get the path value.
SHFBROOT is defined under System properties -> Evironment Variables -> System Variables
Check if both entries exists, for example

System Variables
SHFBROOT : C:\Program Files\EWSoftware\Sandcastle Help File Builder\
DXROOT : C:\Program Files\Sandcastle\

At the time I checked, they were both already there, but build documentation still failed with the same error which doesn’t make sense to me. Somehow, it finally worked after Restarting Windows 2003 server.

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