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Some highlights from google Chrom HTML , (yes only some points). Some of them were actually presented in google gears.

Web SQL Database

You can create tables and CRUD the data.

Web Worker

Multiple threaded javascript execution is available.

Socket TCP protocol

bidirectional, duplex communication channels made push model service available. Lower layer protocol can make things a lot faster.


It is spoooky. It made possible for browser figure out where I am even without GPS. How? The service provider e.g. google collects the wifi networks around the world (I guess they do it while shooting the street view) and they know my wireless id and so they can identify my location from my internet traffic.

Form input

Lots of more strong typed input type. e.g. input of telephone, email, number, color and range etc.


Play video and audio by built-in player.

… lots more and check it out

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